Monday, May 10, 2010

A mother's day with a helping of ranch dressing

Today was fairly decent.  It was Mother's Day.  Perhaps a made up holiday but fun nonetheless.  I received a drawing and a poem from my daughter, telling me what a great mom I was and how much she loved me.  The rest of the day was mundane, with eating, scolding for not eating and hugs to make up for the temper.  

I don't know if every mother does this, but I find myself being judged as to what kind of mother I am.  I am a good mother, I believe, and I do my very best at my one job.  Why then, do these outside judgmentals, make me ponder if I'm doing my mothering correctly?  I wonder if they judge themselves as to what kind of parents they are.  If we start judging others then we should be ready to be judged by others, don't you think.  Would they like it if I started pointing out their flaws in raising their child? 

It is exhausting physically and emotionally being a mother in this time and age.  I have little help.  I am a chauffeur, chef, laundromat, cleaner and personal assistant all wrapped in one pretty little package.  My mother did the same for me so I do the same for my kids.  I appreciate my mother who raised three daughters and now six grand kids.  She is tired and sometimes ill-tempered but I now know why.  She gave herself selflessly to her childrens' needs.  

We buy gifts for our mothers on this day and other occasions but most of all, what they really need is a hug from their kids and once in a while, being told, 'hey, you're doing a good job being a mom and I know its tough.'  That would make their day and most probably make us all even better moms.
As promised, our day ended with homemade ranch dressing.  Very easy and very delicious.  My daughter's smile after tasting the ranch dressing was the best moment of the day.

Ranch Dressing
Goat's milk Kefir or yogurt or sour cream
Salt, pepper to taste
Garlic powder or minced garlic

Mix ingredients together.  Mayonnaise and sour cream/kefir/yogurt in almost equal quantities.  Salt, garlic, pepper or other seasoning according to taste.  It tastes great and no additives.


  1. you are a great mom, Aamina. may Allah accept your efforts and make your daughters a sadqah e jaariyah for you. Love, Kiran

  2. thank you Kiran. i know how hard you work too at being the best mom you can be. inshallah, your kids will be sadqah e jaariyah for you too. miss you. wish you were nearer.

  3. Salaams,
    Great blog! I've enjoyed reading it. have you heard of this blog they have great recipes on it, and they live here in Bellingham.