Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

We all assume disposable diapers are convenient, less messy and cheaper. Well, I recently discovered that this may not be the case. I know, with our first one, the diapers were an on-going cost that didn't go away till she was potty trained. Even with the first, I wanted to try cloth diapers but thought washing/changing will be difficult for family helping out and a service would be too costly. However, I recently found a service that is less than or equal to using disposable diapers.

I still have to speak to them and see how this will work out but I thought I should still do an estimate of how much disposable diapers cost per month for infants. Obviously, this cost does lower as the child grows but so does the diaper service.

Here's my analysis:

Diaper cost

Diapers needed / week 80
Diaper cost for 40 diapers $14.00
Diaper cost / week $28.00
Diaper cost / month $120.00
Diaper pail liner ($30 for 3months) $10.67

Total cost / month $130.67

This can be compared to the diaper service's basic package of $75/month or basic plus covers for $100/month. Not bad, I think. Plus the added benefit of never having to tell hubby to empty the diaper pail since the diapers are picked up by the service, washed, folded and returned once a week. The best part, I feel, is for the conscience that you're doing something to minimize the effect on the environment.

I spoke to the diaper service and there is an additional cost of buying covers but about 6 are needed which is not much. Plus they can be resold or reused as necessary. Even after that cost, it is still cheaper and perhaps for later, easier potty training. The liner they provide can be used in a diaper pail which cuts down on the smell just as it does with disposable.

I look forward to blogging about the use of cloth diapers in the near future. Keep checking.