Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another grocery trip

My daughter is now getting a little bored with the food options.  She misses her berries and wants some other jams.  So, here I go again, another trip to Whole Foods to look for alternatives.  Before I began her on supplements, I did thorough research on the test results and the supplements.  Basically, the acids in her body are high.  This is due to her not being able to process them caused by her body being too busy processing cow's milk and also because she prefers things like berries which are high in acid.  A lot of these acids are also found in processed foods to preserve them.  Although, they may be naturally occuring they are not natural for those foods they are added to, to preserve them.  Yet another example of what the multinational corporations are doing to our bodies without us knowing.  I know people don't want the government to tell us what to eat but shouldn't we control what the corporations are putting in our foods without us even knowing?  Slow poison, is what I call it.

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