Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What may the future hold?

This was a response I wrote to a friend's blog. I thought that it could still be food for thought for the rest of us. Today is Earth Day and perhaps these are the things that we should be thinking about.


Our belief systems encourage us to help each other. Right now, more than ever before, charity is going to help with the imbalance of this economy. We need to re-evaluate our “wants” from our “needs”. It will take a while, but once our society starts to realize the real “needs”, we will become more efficient. Out of this efficiency, will come disposable income, that can be used firstly in charity and secondly to invest in the future. Our future investments should ideally be creating jobs that are long-term and help the environment. These are not quick fixes and perhaps the most important policy right now would be to educate people about the environment, controlling their finances for “needs” and realizing that life is not short. Life can be very long, especially when you don’t have a plan.