Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting There

The last week has been exhausting.  I've had to make sure that my daughter eats the right things and doesn't eat the wrong things and takes all her vitamins.  It is a lot of pressure and responsibility.

Our eating habits are changing.  We are very conscious of what we are buying and consuming.  My daughter has starting reading labels for everything.  Before we would just read the labels for sugar content and calories.  Now we look for corn or corn syrup and if there is any, then its a 'no no'.  With the store bought items on the 'wrong' list, my daughter has requested me to make ranch dressing and taffy for her.  Again, more work for me but this is not that difficult a request as it turns out.  I discovered ranch dressing is just mayonnaise with sour cream which I can easily replace with goat's milk yogurt.  Taffy is not too difficult once corn syrup is replaced with molasses.  So the next few days are going to be some new experimental recipes for us. 

We have discovered close replacements for her favorite foods like instead of wheat pasta, she now has brown rice pasta with goat cheese.  I have made a  pot of chicken stock which I put in the pasta or rice, thus adding more nutrients.  She has chicken and fish too with the rice and of course some salad of some sort to balance it all out.  Dessert is fruit.  I will be trying sorbet soon.  Today, I used my new food processor and made salad and vegetable casserole.  It was quick, easy and a good investment, I believe.  Next step, is to try pastry and cakes with brown rice flour.  Sorbet and smoothies are also a good option to get the fruit in.  But none of this before the taffy, of course.

In just one week, however, I can see the difference in her behavior.  She is happier and more energetic.  I will soon post the list of foods that our nutritionist has told us to change for her permanently.  I hope this will help others make this lifestyle change.  And of course, as always, I will be posting recipes for everything I try.

I keep getting a nagging feeling that this is one of those changes in our life that we will remember forever.  Years later, we will look back and say 'remember that year, when we changed the way we eat forever.' That thought, alone, makes me happy and yes, we are getting there.

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