Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cloth Diapers - A Way of Life

It has now been a month since we started using cloth diapers. The Green Baby Diaper Service has proven to be worth it. I am now using the diapers at night and am finding they are better than disposable. The best part about using the cloth diapers is I don't have to keep emptying the diaper pail. The diaper service comes and takes all the diapers once a week and I get a set of fresh diapers and covers. The diapers are quite absorbent and leak much less than their disposable counterparts. The baby also feels the wetness so she lets me know when she needs changing. This is, of course, a great step in future potty-training. The cloth diapers are also easy to take along when we go out. I just keep a bag to put the dirty ones in and when I return home, they go into the large bag provided by the service to keep all the dirty diapers. I highly recommend Green Baby Diaper Service and if anyone wants to see for themselves how the diapers work, go to YouTube and just type snappi or cloth diapers and something will come up.

Happy diaper changing!

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