Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cloth Diapers - Day One

Well, I started using the cloth diapers today. We received the diapers two weeks ago but since the baby is a preemie, we didn't start using them till today. She's now full-term plus one week, weighing around 7lbs. The diapers fit well now, the snappi elastic thing holds them together and then there is a velcro cover on top. We used about 6 diapers today. At night, though, I'm still using disposable as I'm too tired to coordinate putting together the cloth diaper. For disposable diapers, I really recommend the Whole Foods 365 brand and the Huggies cotton diapers. Both didn't give the baby a rash whereas Pampers did. I found the most important thing with the cloth diapers is to tuck in all the cloth into the cover otherwise you will definitely get a leak. Overall, the cloth diapers are quite absorbent and even the leak was not really bad. I am still a little slow putting them on but that should improve with time. Its a little hard getting the diaper on and tucked when the baby keeps moving. Oh yes, if you've got a sound sensitive baby then opening the velcro cover will definitely wake your baby as it did mine. Well, let's look forward to Day Two and things should improve.

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